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Professional DJ Services
  Welcome to the Groove Essence DJs website!
  Groove Essence DJs is a Professional Mobile DJ
  service that provides DJ services as well as stand alone    
  event services. Groove Essence DJs host our own
  internet radio station Houston Hot Trax Radio, that is BMI,
  ASCAP, and SESAC compliant. Groove Essence DJs
  is an insured company. Please feel free to browse our site
  for information and to hopefully answer your questions.


With so many DJ companies to choose from, which one is right for you? We
do not claim to be "the best DJ company in all the land". What we do claim is that
we will consult with you to make sure that we are the "right" DJ company for you.

We do not claim to be all things to all people. We specialize in certain types of 
music and certain types of events. The benefit to the client is a more focused
detailed, and custom fit to your needs. 

We do not make unrealistic claims for service. If what you are looking for does not 
point to any of our services we regretfully acknowledge  that fact so that we dont waste your valuable time.
Our goal is to support our client into the realization of a successful event, period. No
gimmicks, no surprises, straight forward, honest professional services. 

  As with all services thier are cost involved. We understand that keeping cost low is a priority
  for everyone. With this in mind our packages and services are designed to give the client the 
  maximum value for the cost involved.  We evaluate our prices on a frequent basis to ensure
  that we are within the national averages of Dj services.
   Our goal is to give the client more value than the client purchased. We put forth a
   tremendous amount of effort, to ensure that our prices are fair and meet national
   averages. Our prices reflect the quality and value of the services that our clients

    Although our prices are not "dirt cheap" they are not overpriced as well. What would you
    expect to pay for great services? Our clients deserve a high standard of service.



  Time is a luxury that  not many of us have. When planning an event it can be stressful. Adding 
  the element of time constraints increases the stress. We have designed several packages
  to try and accomodate the client's time constraints.  Our packages are designed to save time.
  Our packages saves time by combining many of our services. Bundled services accomodate
   many of our clients needs at one time. We understand that their will be instances where we
   will not have what you are looking for. If that is the case we will regretfully inform you so that
   you may not waste your valuable time, asking about services that we do not offer.




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